ScumRay – Twin Pack

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Our Twin Pack includes two ScumRay hot tub cleaners and suction cup anchors. Made of scum-trapping micromesh to quickly absorb body oils, lotions and exfoliated skin. The Twin Pack allows you to have one in the tub and one in the wash!

Customer Reviews

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Katherine Boozell
Worked better than scum balls!

The true test was running the scum rays through a clarifying cycle, worked way better than the balls to absorb all the gunk that spa clarifier brings to the surface!

Mr Ray!

Great product - works well and nice addition to hot tub!

Terri Switzer
Great help!

The scum ray stays in place and helps with the hot tub scum. Thank you!!

Jo Ann Patterson
They work

It took about a month shipping. I was excited to throw them in and see if they work. It seems like they do. My hot tub seems like it’s easier to balance, and the edges cleaner. The foam problem is down. I’m about ready to wash them and see how they fare. I would repurchase, and I would also recommend others buy them. Not to mention they are super cute.

Great product

I got the ScumRay for this past Fathers Day and it is awesome. It definitely leaves your hot tub crystal clear. I leave mine suctioned to one of the sides of the tub and when the water is circulating on stand by mode or jet use, it does the job. I also wipe down the sides and top of the sides with the ScumRay before I get out of the hot tub.